Hey! I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Vienna, advised by Monika Henzinger. I work on dynamic graph algorithms and differential privacy. I completed my Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in Maths+CS at Chennai Mathematical Institute. Great place, you really should go there some time.

Academic interests

I am broadly interested in the intersection of mathematics and computer science, and currently work on graph algorithms. I have also worked in (algorithmic+) game theory, specifically on fair division and on completely mixed strategies.

There are a few books nominally unrelated to my work that I’d like to read but haven’t had a chance to yet, so let me know if you’re interested in teaming up to read any of these:


I, like others who grew up without siblings and decided to make “I read books” a personality trait, have a Goodreads account. I’m always looking for new recommendations, and if you’d like some fiction suggestions,


I currently have an Arch Linux installation on my laptop, with these dotfiles. Some things of interest to you might be my:

  • vimrc - with comments.
  • zinc - a custom file syncer using rsync. I use my university-provided computer space as cloud space for my academic PDFs, and use zinc to keep them synced between my laptop, phone, iPad and the univie server.
  • I also have some tex snippets from this amazing blog post adapted to my use case. Also check out this tutorial series for a detailed view of using (neo)vim for LaTeX.


I have spent a small portion of my life playing DotA2, and a smaller portion of it watching the game. I have nothing more to say about it, but it just felt weird not having a section in my homepage not dedicated to this game. If you’d like an introduction to the game, look no further than Purge’s Welcome to Dota, you suck. In my unbounded queue of things I would like to do also resides the wish to write CS articles with similar titles.


Songs/albums that I’ve been listening to on repeat recently. I’ll definitely keep this section updated, I swear (Nov 2022).