This website

First (Jan 2022) from on Jekyll and Github Pages to a html+css website inspired (read stolen) from vincentdoerig/latex-css. This was because the latex-css theme had sidenotesHello there!, which are the closest to book footnotes that one can have on websites. But then I got a bit too annoyed with having to deal with html+css directly, and I had slowly started using org-mode, which brings me to

Second (Jan 2023) from html+css to an org-mode project with the same css theme. I now have all the pages as .org files, which (hopefully) should be easier to maintain and customize. Separation of layout and content and so on, but I know how well that works with latex, so *shrug*.

Unfinished business

I have tried (and tested) my hand at various things, at an average rate of once every two years.

  • An unprinted synthwave Love Letter deck on Gimp. The (original) game is amazing, try it out on BGA if you have an account.
  • A half-finished CMI computer lab on Blender. Needs some keyboards, chairs, and, most importantly, lights.
  • A half-finished viXra paper on the domestication of dogsnope, not sharing it :P.
  • A decent amount of crosswords. Though some themes were nice, most of the (relatively) good ones have some injokes, and so are virtually unsolvable. I’ll make a normal one eventually™ and post it here.