all author orderings were once revealed to me in a dream.

Tighter Bounds for Local Differentially Private Core Decomposition and Densest Subgraph

with Monika Henzinger and Leqi Zhu

arXiv / pdf

Electrical Flows for Polylogarithmic Competitive Oblivious Routing

with Gramoz Goranci, Monika Henzinger, Harald Räcke, and Sushant Sachdeva

ITCS24 / arXiv / pdf / video

Completely Mixed Discounted Bistochastic Games

with T Parthasarathy and G Ravindran


Differentially Private Data Structures under Continual Observation for Histograms and Related Queries

with Monika Henzinger and Teresa Anna Steiner

arXiv / pdf

Fine-Grained Complexity Lower Bounds for Families of Dynamic Graphs

with Monika Henzinger and Ami Paz

ESA22 / arXiv / pdf

On Approximate Envy-Freeness for Indivisible Chores and Mixed Resources

with Umang Bhaskar and Rohit Vaish

APPROX21 / arXiv / pdf / video

Completely Mixed Bimatrix Games

with T Parthasarathy and Vasudha Sharma

Proceedings-Mathematical Sciences